Environmental Justice

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION I will fight for accessible and reliable transportation. I will advocate and work alongside state legislatures to make transit a priority. This will have to be an interstate-county-city partnership that creates a promising and trusting solution for transportation. As more career opportunities grow in the city, we need to act to bring safe and time-reducing forms of transportation.

  • ADVOCATE Be a voice that speaks out against Redevelopment Boards that are not fulfilling their role in creating a promising future for South Cobb!

  • ESSENTIALS NOT COMMODITIES Promote equity in District 4 so that we may not be economically neglected. Infrastructure including bridges, sidewalks, road signs and appropriate stormwater management must be present, efficient and accessible commodities, not impartial commodities that endanger our quality of life.

  • SUSTAINABILITY We need to begin thinking into the future. We need to control the amount of plastic single use bags which are being used. Single use- plastic bags are the biggest contaminating plastic in the world. The Earth needs us now!

  • CULTURE AND ART Promote locations in the district that economically and affordably embrace all culture and art, so that our future can be a product of creative minds.

  • SAFE SPACES When we think of environmental justice, let it not simply be about what we see around us, but let it be about what we can do to bring peace to those whose environments are not secure. Continuously families are evicted out of their homes and schools are either unaware or given notice too late. I want to stop the cycle of poverty and through creating an ordinance to mandate landlords to provide notice to local schools, we will break a step in the cycle of poverty.

  • SHARED SPACES As county commissioner I will advocate for recreation centers that embrace the vast diverse culture of the county, so that as neighbors, we come together as one and express their culture and art.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND REGULATION I will challenge and stand up to fight against any toxic harm or degradation of our environment. Low income communities, home to people of color, have historically been threats of environmental injustice.